Everyone knows that in the movies the bad guys wear black, and the good guys always wear white. The same is true in the world of search engine optimization (SEO). As such, SEO is often categorized as either white hat or black hat, and as you can guess, one is good and the other is both bad and harmful for your website.

Simply put, black hat SEO refers to the use of unethical practices that trick search engines into ranking websites higher. This can include techniques like keyword stuffing, spamming forums, non-company-related social media sites with links to your website, hiding content on a page, etc., all of which can get your site in big trouble with Google, but that’s not all. Often, black hat SEO employs content manipulation tactics that do not benefit your target audience. This causes your audience to lose interest in your page because of text that’s not relevant to their interest in home care, which defeats the purpose of having a website altogether.

What is white hat SEO? Click here to learn why it’s so important to your home care marketing.

When Home Care Marketers Become Home Care Consumers


For years, corecubed has been the go-to partner and resource for home care agencies looking to up their marketing game. But in recent years, something has changed; many of us have become caregivers ourselves. As we begin new personal caregiving journeys, we’re finding that, not only are we expanding our knowledge into what your target audience needs, but we’ve become your target audience.

Click here to read what it’s been like for us to become part of the sandwich generation and how this new perspective is influencing the way we help our clients go to market.

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Health information is the single most searched topic on the Internet, and with record numbers of aging baby boomers retiring and an increasing number of older adults living with multiple chronic illnesses, it’s no secret why.

Join Merrily Orsini, MSSW, expert home care marketing strategist, Marissa Snook, SEO diva, and Amy Selle, aging care marketing specialist for this free webcast where you’ll learn why the most popular Internet search is so important to your business and how you can prepare your online marketing so that people searching for home care can find you. Click here to register for this free webcast.

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