If you’re a fan of crime dramas (who isn’t?), you are familiar with the evidence board. You know, the giant board in the police station with all of the suspects and clues on it and a red string linking them together? A smart detective likes to see how the evidence links up, because often things connect in surprising ways.

Surprising connections are plentiful in the world of SEO too. One of the most notable is the link between SEO and email marketing. Email and SEO exist in different online realms, which is why not many detectives think to connect the two. And while emails themselves don’t directly impact website rankings, you’d be surprised at how smart marketers can use email marketing to improve their website’s SEO by:

  • Linking newsletter articles to blogs: A key point many people miss when creating marketing content is how multipurpose it can be. If you’re writing content for your agency’s newsletter, remember that the same content can work as a blog post too. A great way to keep your newsletters succinct while encouraging readers to follow the clues back to your website is to include a teaser of the article, and then link readers to the full article on your blog, just like I’m about to do right now.

Learn more about how to use email campaigns to further your SEO initiatives.

Online Reviews: Can You Prevent the Bad and Keep the Good?


There’s really no better feeling than when you receive a glowing testimonial from a happy client, and online reviews carry an incredible amount of weight. Still, many agency owners shy away from asking for online reviews for fear of getting negative ones. Find out why negative reviews aren’t as bad as you might think and how corecubed’s new RISE reputation management system can help you find the right balance.

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Our Plan for Care Module is one of our most popular items on our Market Home Care site, and for a limited time, we’re offering a 10% discount. The perfect tool for creating a detailed plan of care for your clients, this module includes:

  • Client Fact Sheet
  • Plan of Care Form
  • Caregiver Visit Record
  • Social Notes Form
  • Medication Schedule
  • And More

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Watch Our Most Recent Webcast: SEO to TKO the Competition


Would you step into a boxing ring without gloves? No way! Similarly, you shouldn’t step into the marketing ring without a solid SEO game plan, and the corecubed team can show you how to use SEO to TKO your competition. If you were unable to make it to our recent webcast about how to use SEO to TKO the competition, never fear. You can view a recording and learn why SEO is a competitive marketing strategy all home care agencies must have. Watch it here.

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