It’s almost that time of year again – time to tune in to the biggest and flashiest sporting event of the year…to watch the commercials. While the Super Bowl is a huge event for football fans, the commercials have become the not-so-secret star of the show, with almost 78% of viewers looking forward to the ads more than the game. Beyond the adorable puppies and over-the-top stunts, these famous and expensive ads can teach us a lot about how to market home care.

When you sit down to watch the big game this year, pay close attention to the ads and how their strategies might help you better brand and market your agency. corecubed is expert at turning these strategies into results, with a super history of creating marketing campaigns that score big.

Marketing that Tells a Story
All great brands tell a compelling story about who they are, what they believe, and how their services make customers feel. Storytelling is a very successful way to capture an audience. Budweiser’s highly popular “Lost Dog ” Super Bowl commercial tells the ongoing story of a Clydesdale horse and his best friend, a puppy. Below the surface level of extreme cuteness, the deeper story this commercial conveys is that Budweiser believes friendships are gold. Budweiser, as a brand, values and supports being a part of ongoing, time-tested relationships (and they are a beer company!) What happens when aging care providers put the same level of thought and storytelling into their brand and messages?

To be successful at attracting customers, senior care companies must tell stories that connect with the emotions of their consumer base. Learn more here.

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corecubed will be in sunny Fort Lauderdale January 11-13 for the HCAF’s Winter Gathering, where Merrily Orsini will present the general session: Get in Sync with the Psychological Journey of the Home Care Buyer.

Look for the corecubed ladies in purple (Merrily and Amy Selle, Managing Director) to network about home care marketing. Learn more about the event and register here.

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Successful marketing comes from strategy, dedication, and investing in what works. When it comes to helping businesses get found online, SEO is what works.

Get the answers to some of your top SEO questions from our resident SEO expert here.

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