The standard definition of a “social ladder” is a hierarchical structure of society where those with a higher social status are at the top, and those with a lower social status are at the bottom. Nowhere is this structure more evident than in social media, where you quickly can discern a brand’s power and influence by its number of followers, likes, and shares. And nowhere is there better proof than in company social media pages that brand followers respond better to brands with great personalities. So what does this mean for your aging care services company and your company website? A whole lot.

Marketing today has become increasingly social and interactive. In fact, the number one place people go to search for something they need or find out what others think of it, be it a service, a product, or a business, is the Internet, and more specifically, to social media. Consumers want social proof that yours is a great company to do business with. “Going social” and increasing your social status is now an essential tactic to increase referrals for your business, search engine authority for your website, and achieve a higher ranking in search returns when customers are looking for the services you provide.

Find out how increasing your social status online can give your agency the SEO boost it needs and how the aging care marketing team at corecubed can help!

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Social media marketing too often takes a back seat among home care agencies’ marketing plans, but did you know that social signals play an important part in an SEO (organic search engine optimization) strategy? Done correctly and effectively, they can help those who are searching for options for care find the solutions they need, and they are a great way to educate and showcase how home care can be that solution.

Find out how using social media effectively assists in the rise in rankings on search engines. Join us June 24th for this FREE webcast and see if you start to think differently about how to go to market for your home care agency.

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corecubed Wins Gold in the 2015 Aster Awards!


We’re excited to announce that corecubed is the recipient of two Gold Aster Awards for our work on the e-newsletter of our long-time client Advanced TeleHealth Solutions, as well as for our design work on coupon cards for Hannah’s Home Care. A big thanks to our team for their continued dedication to excellence, as well as to our clients for trusting us to be their marketing partner. Check out the other awards corecubed has won on our awards page!

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