What Is Brand?

Brand is an often misunderstood term in marketing. At its essence, your company’s brand is the promise that you make to customers. When customers choose your brand over another, they expect your company to deliver a distinctive level of quality, value, and service because they have placed trust in the promise your brand makes.

From a technical, nuts and bolts standpoint, your brand is the collection of images, words, and experiences that define your company and tell its story in a compelling, clear, and concise way. Your brand must be concise since today’s audiences are busy and have short attention spans. For home care agencies, simplicity is key because potential clients are already overwhelmed with the task of caring for an elderly loved one and finding help. The last thing that a potential client needs is a brand that hits them over the head with too much information and an unclear message.

A home care agency’s branding is often the first thing that a potential client will come into contact with when researching home care solutions, and it should do a few things:

  • Reflect your uniqueness. Home care is a crowded marketplace, so your brand shows potential clients who you are and how you’re different immediately.
  • Tell a story. Don’t tell just any story, though; your brand must reflect your mission and your niche. Talk about who you are and why you do what you do.
  • Be simple and consistent. Oftentimes, companies take a scattered approach to branding and try to be everything to everyone, which can lead to confusion as opposed to conversion. Keep your branding and messaging simple and consistent across all your marketing materials so that when clients see it, they know who you are and what you’re about instantly.

Building and managing a business within the aging care industry is different than in any other industry. As we’ve noted in the past, aging care has always been and remains an at-need service, meaning that traditional outbound advertising typically has little effect. It is only when a client realizes a need for aging care that he or she will actively seek out services, thus starting the customer experience lifecycle. It is when this lifecycle begins that your agency’s brand and reputation are of the utmost importance.

Learn why a strong brand matters and how a strong reputation breathes life into your brand here.

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Because home care is such an “at need” service, it has to be marketed differently, and it has to be sold differently. Targeting referral sources both within and outside the medical community and the health care delivery system will keep your agency name in front of those who are in a position to make referrals.

Those who are seeking home care oftentimes do so under duress and emotional stress, and they turn to trusted advisors for guidance.If those advisors know of your agency and are comfortable referring to you, then you are getting your referral sources to do your marketing for you.

If referral sources know they can turn to your agency for answers for care needs, and not just for home care, they will turn to you for advice and guidance for their clients. Becoming a trusted advisor is also easy to measure, and you can simply count the referrals generated from the group you are targeting.

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