Market Value: New Services for a New Age

Value-Added Services

Market Value: New Services for a New Age

Now that your agency is marketing to a new age of client, it’s time to add new services and products to your aging care offerings that add a marketing value to your business. In today’s age of healthcare reform, with hospitals shifting focus to avoiding readmissions and insurance companies looking to keep costs at a minimum, diversifying your company’s skill set with value-added products and services can help your business gain market value.

Has your agency considered adding the following services?

  • Telehealth – Adding telemonitoring devices and other telehealth services to your cache of offerings as a way to reduce readmissions and lower overall health care costs not only helps individuals with better health outcomes and thus keeps them happier with your service, but also keeps costs down for hospitals and will allow your business the ability to reach newer, richer revenue streams.
  • Personal Training/Physical Therapy – Many agencies’ caregivers can help clients stay active with some light exercise, but today’s home care client has likely led a more active lifestyle, and may wish to continue to stay fit. Personal trainers and physical therapists can help clients not only stay active with daily exercise, but can improve health outcomes following surgery or a hospital stay.
  • Mother and Baby Care – Extending your services to another age group with similar needs can greatly increase your revenue stream. New moms need lots of extra help around the house, from organizing to meal prep to light housekeeping, not to mention childcare to allow them to get some extra sleep. Your caregivers know how to perform many of these tasks already, so why not market to moms?
  • Home Modification/Handyman Services – Home care agencies often make home modification recommendations for safer living at home. Having a handyman on staff who can help families take care of these recommendations is a great new offering for your agency and your clients.

Your clients and referral sources need more options. Why not open up your home care services to new and interesting earnings? Is your home care agency marketing a new product or service thanks to these changing times in the industry? Let us know about it in the comments below!