How to Work with a Marketing Agency and Get the Best Results

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How to Work with a Marketing Agency and Get the Best Results

Successfully marketing a small business takes time, dedication, perseverance, and expertise. If you’re working with a marketing agency, it also takes a strong working relationship to ensure your projects run smoothly and get the best results.

In our many years in the aging care marketing business, we’ve encountered many different types of clients who work with us in different ways. The most important thing we’ve learned from each client experience is that there are some key ways to help create a better client/marketing agency relationship.

  1. Provide adequate input. Every marketing project is different, whether it’s a brochure, new website content, or revamping your branding, and all require the input of the client. Thorough input into each project is critical to helping your marketing agency stay on time, on budget and on message. Neglecting key input at the beginning can derail the project, and getting back on track can be costly and time consuming.
  2. Have key decision makers provide input up front. Some marketing projects are simple, one-time deals, while others go through a few stages of development and revision before reaching the end goal. If your primary decision maker (owner, CEO, etc.) does not have input on the marketing project from the beginning, chances are you’ll spend lots of time and money, only to have the project changed once the decision maker finally takes a look. Getting key decision makers on board with the project, and keeping them abreast of the project’s progress, can help streamline the process and ultimately save your marketing dollars.
  3. Communicate with your marketing agency regularly. Keeping projects on track requires regular communications between the client and the marketing agency. Even being available for a brief chat to touch base can help keep information flowing and ensure that each side has the tools they need to keep moving. When you do meet, don’t be afraid to ask your agency to provide follow-up meeting notes that include items that were discussed and future action items with assigned responsibilities so that everyone is on the same page.
  4. Be flexible and trust your agency. You may come into the relationship with your marketing firm in need of complete guidance (which is OK) or you may have a vision of how you want everything to go, down to the last word on your website. That’s OK too, but there may be things you hadn’t considered that may push the project slightly outside your vision or your budget. For example, perhaps you have a vision to only use personal photos that you’ve taken on your website; however, those photos are not high resolution and therefore look blurry when placed on the site. Getting professional photos taken may not be in your budget, but your marketing team may be able to offer alternative solutions that stay within budget and provide a professional end result. A strong vision is always appreciated and your marketing agency will work very hard to make sure they can make it a reality for you, but flexibility and trust throughout the creative process are extremely important. A true marketing partner will have a vested interest in having each project be a success. Provide guidance and honest feedback throughout the process, but also have faith in your agency’s judgment, creative recommendations and critiques. That’s why you hired them, after all.

A strong partnership with your marketing firm is essential to the success of your campaigns. The aging care marketing experts at corecubed know how to create strong bonds with clients and see their projects through from idea to execution seamlessly and professionally. Contact us to learn more about our marketing services and how we can work together for greater success.