John O’Leary


John O’Leary - Web Security and Maintenance Specialist

John O’Leary – Web Security and Maintenance Specialist

Personal Motto: When nothing goes right, go left.

Specialties: Helping corecubed’s clients rest easy, knowing their site is in good hands.

As corecubed’s Web Security and Maintenance Specialist, John is responsible for a wide range of tasks that help our clients maintain well functioning websites that are virus- and malware-free, including routine maintenance and upkeep, troubleshooting problems both big and small, answering questions clients may have about their sites, and much more.

His biggest job, however, is assuring the safety and security of clients’ websites. This means constantly staying up to date on the latest WordPress security issues, and keeping every corecubed web maintenance client website fully up to date and secure. In short, it’s his job to make sure that the businesses that rely on corecubed can rest easy, knowing their sites are in good hands!

John’s history with the Word Wide Web goes back to the very beginning of the web itself. In 1994/95, he was a founding partner of two of Boston’s earliest web design/development firms, Rocketpop Labs and Ultimate Media, designing and building some of the earliest commercial websites in the Boston area. He continued working and consulting with both companies well into the 00’s when he joined the staff at Tellart, Inc. in Providence, RI. There he was responsible for building and maintaining Drupal-based websites for clients ranging from Disney to Brown University. John left Tellart in 2009 to operate his own firm, Studio Zero, which specializes in multimedia/interactive design as well as audio production/sound design, and music for film and television.

His work with corecubed started in 2013 as a web maintenance contractor, and he joined the team as Web Security and Maintenance Specialist in 2016.

As the son of a mother who recently passed away from Alzheimer’s/Parkinson’s, in many ways he considers his work at corecubed doubly important. Helping keep the websites safe and sound for those who’ve dedicated themselves to the care of seniors is more than a job, it’s a labor of love.