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Shelle WombleWhat if you could learn from a home care sales champion with a track record of more than 25 years of industry experience and receive interactive coaching and training, together with a small team of non-competing peers – without ever leaving the office?

Virtual, affordable, interactive, and highly effective, corecubed’s 6-part Online Home Care Sales Training will help you quickly put your sales training investment to work for your agency. Similar to on-the-job training and support, this series is a virtual training platform with participant interaction and accountability based on actual proven growth/results.

Award-winning for her success in divisional leadership, Home Care Sales Coach, Shelle Womble’s broad range of experience in achieving positive growth in a variety of settings, combined with her knowledge of all the components of home care and how they work together, provides an unparalleled level of insight for home care agencies.

Shelle’s 25+ years in the business span a variety of sales management positions, from District Regional Manager of a single unit agency, to Director of Operations/General Manager for 50 branch locations in 11 states for a large home care franchise, and most notably, as National Sales Director. She knows how to work with a single agency as well as a sales director for multiple, multi-state operations.

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Who should attend? Anyone with sales as a part of his or her job!

  • Home care salespeople
  • Community liaisons
  • Home care agency owners and managers
  • Home care client supervisors
  • Home care nursing supervisors
  • Agency employees who network in the community
  • Anyone serving in a vital role in the operation with a hand in growing the client base

Series features:

  • Small group sessions of no more than 10 participants, who are not in direct competition with each other
  • GoToMeeting interactive platform so that participants can interact with Shelle and each other in a meaningful but convenient way
  • Affordable investment
  • Actionable sales coaching
  • Limited disruption to participants’ work week
  • Ongoing, sustained training allows for maximum engagement, practice and reinforcement of concepts

Series Outline:

  • Participants will receive a pre-meeting survey, questionnaire or exercise a week prior to chat.
  • Live Chat: Initial chat will consist of welcome and introductions. Chats 2 through 6 will recap on prior session and how participants applied the discussion to their work.
  • Live Chat: Topic introduction, with an overview and some sales wisdom related to the topic provided. A question is posed, pre-work is shared, and a discussion is started.
  • Live Chat: Responses to the question and discussion will be facilitated with all participants.
  • Live Chat: Each chat will end with a wrap up of the discussion, parting comments and action item assignments for the coming week related to the topic.
  • Post-chat job tool will be sent to participants.
  • Post-series: Participants will receive a certificate of completion as well as a feedback survey.

Series 1 Agenda:

  • Chat 1: Sales Discussion ─ What is your biggest sales-related challenge?
  • Chat 2: Referral Source ─ Targeting long-term care insurance
  • Chat 3: Networking ─ Community presence
  • Chat 4: Referral Source ─ The VA
  • Chat 5: CRM ─ Tracking your work
  • Chat 6: Success Sharing ─ Applying what we’ve learned (with information provided on DiSC and Series II)

Series 2 Agenda:

  • Chat 1: Finding the Right Key to Unlock the Gate
  • Chat 2: Selling Techniques to Recruit the Cream of the Crop
  • Chat 3: Making a Splash at Trade Shows
  • Chat 4: Time, Territory, and Tracking: CRM A-B-Cs
  • Chat 5: Gaining Authority and Trust for Hospital-to-Home Transitions
  • Chat 6: Celebrating Success! Applying, Sharing, and Next Steps

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