WordPress 3.3.1 has been released – Update Now

WordPress 3.3.1

WordPress 3.3.1 was released in order to patch a security vulnerability that was discovered in version 3.3.  What does this mean to you?

If you have a website that runs on WordPress, you need to update it as soon as possible.

Find Out What’s New in WordPress 3.3

WordPress 3.3

Want to stay on top of your WordPress updates? Check out our blog for a list of the latest features offered in WordPress 3.3 and some important things to consider before you click “upgrade.”

Top Three Things We Need From Our Web Clients

Before we dive into a new website design, there are a few things that we need to get started. Providing these three main items will help avoid headaches later and keep your project on task. So, what can you do to help us? Read on to find out the three top things you need to provide your website designer.

Cliches to Avoid When Working With Your Web Designer

Asking for trite design and content not only frustrates your web designer, but including these cliches in your website will also annoy your users. Trust your designer and avoid the following requests. Your website will be better off and your users will be more likely to continue clicking about.

The Web Design and Development Process

Web development process

Following up to the December 1st post about design vs. development, it’s time to recap and start the actual process. Now that you know the differences between the two, let’s talk about how they play out.

Wireframes, mock-ups, and betas. Say what? Understanding the website design and development process is vital to having your project run smoothly. Here we outline the basics of the process and what to expect when you hire us for a web project.

Home Care Marketing Design vs Development: What’s the Difference?

design vs development

Web design is not the same as web development, but the two definitely compliment each other. And you really need both good design and clean development to create an effective website. So what is the difference between the two, and why should you care?

Read on to learn why web design and web development are like two peas in a pod.

5 Common Myths about WordPress

If you think WordPress is only for blogging, or that it somehow limits what you can do with your website, read how we debunk the 5 common myths about WordPress.

Why a CMS can make your life easier

Managing your website content can be quite easy, given that the right tools are in place from the start.

I’ve got five reasons why building your website with a CMS can help you sleep better at night and put a few dollars back in your pocket.