And the Hits Just Keep Coming!

We've racked up another home care marketing award! Now we can truly say we have an award-winning team, and that's pretty cool!

How Silence Can Help Your Business Succeed

In today’s commercialized world of “look at me”, it’s easy to forget that sometimes it is best to sit silent….and listen.  Refresh your company’s customer service and increase your satisfied customer base with these tips on active-listening.

How Do You Measure Success?


Measuring the return on investment (ROI) of an Internet marketing campaign can be difficult. Read on for a few tips on how to gauge the success of your online campaigns.

Don’t Let Your Accomplishments Go Unnoticed!

home care accomplishments

Don't be afraid to market yourself and your business. When your business wins an award or achieves something great, don't be shy about it, shout it from the rooftops! Learn more about where and how to spread the word about your business accomplishments in our latest blog.

What is Going to Make Your Company Stand Out?

stand out

Celebrating what makes your business unique is what will help get you noticed and set you apart from the competition. Read our latest blog to find out more about making your business stand out in the crowd.

Socialize with the Best: Using Social Media to Showcase Accreditations

If you haven't already integrated social media into your marketing plan, we've got one more reason for you. With all the competition in the home care industry these days, how can you make your agency stand out in a crowded marketplace? Using social media to showcase your agency's accreditations can help draw the attention of potenial customers. Read on for more information about using social media to tout accreditations.

Is Your Business Going (Google) Places?

Are you where you want to be in terms of local search engine rankings? Google Places can help your business gain a top spot on the world’s most popular search engine. Find out how to optimize your Google Places listing and give your business the boost it needs!

Blogging for Business

A business blog can provide a significant boost to your website by improving traffic and search engine rankings.  Here are a few quick tips for turning your business blog into a powerful marketing tool.

Branding In The Nude

When it comes to branding, it’s important to bare it all. Find out how “branding in the nude” can create customer loyalty.

Why a CMS can make your life easier

Managing your website content can be quite easy, given that the right tools are in place from the start.

I’ve got five reasons why building your website with a CMS can help you sleep better at night and put a few dollars back in your pocket.

Tweet me! Link me in. Help….Yelp!

Does this sound inviting? It is “Social Networking”, something that is considered in today’s world a solid component for any marketing strategy. Pencil me in for some networking right now.

Looking for a quick way to safely build your email contact list?

Just like there is no one silver bullet to marketing success, there is no magic bullet when it comes to building an email contact list. The goal is to avoid SPAM and to get those customers or potential customers to open, read, link to your site and then buy! Some simple steps for success are at your fingertips. 

Make your website a billboard on a superhighway

Successful marketing in 2010 is so far different from what was traditionally taught as marketing and the key is the web. Take a look at that business website if it was designed more than two years ago, and get on the internet marketing bandwagon for success.

1 square, 2 square, 3 square, FOURSQUARE! Unlock the power of location marketing

Foursquare location marketing

Foursquare? Hopscotch? Playground games for those of us who grew up, ahem, before the millennial generation.  For those of us reminiscing about drawing those four boxes in chalk on the blacktop, get ready to redirect your synapses!  The power of location marketing via applications like Foursquare is driving social media marketing to new heights. How can you get in the game? 

Game Changers: Finding Ways to Make New Rules

Game Changers

How does a small business compete when all the odds are stacked against them?  Larger companies with more purhasing power, more staff, and greater marketing budgets can present a huge obstacle when trying to get ahead.  Change the rules of the game to make yourself competetive!

Get Busy Cooking When the Opportunity Presents

strong foundation

Gardening requires fertile ground, knowledge of your plants, and lots of patience.  corecubed Creative Director Tammy Brown looks at gardening as a metaphor for successful marketing and discusses what goes into creating a bountiful harvest that translates into sales.

Grabbing the Spotlight

Grabbing the Spotlight

You’ve got a great product and a fantastic story to tell. You know who your customer is and you know exactly what you want to tell them about your company and why you are the obvious best choice in your industry. Now, how are you going to get them to sit up and take notice of you? You need focus the spotlight on your business so that your client can find you easily in the crowded marketplace.