While of course our sales and home care marketing strategies sound great in theory, we know that the bottom line is whether or not your agency can experience growth through partnering with us. That’s why we’ve compiled some real, measureable results, from home care agencies just like yours. See for yourself:

Case Study #1 – MOST

Continuum of St. Louis discovered corecubed in 2007, while seeking a way to grow the agency. The owner, Barth Holohan, was overwhelmed by the idea of trying to create quality marketing materials and resources to offer to potential clients and referral sources. Although he possessed a passion for serving the elderly and held both MSW and MBA degrees, he had neither a background in marketing/creative design, nor the time needed to invest in growing his agency.

Continuum signed on with the MOST program in 2007, with a goal of educating potential clients about the industry and to make a name for their agency in the community. They used MOST’s library of materials to host educational events and in-services, and adapted them for radio and TV spots as well.

Since then, they’ve also developed a large database of materials and resources on their website, providing education to consumers and enhancing their reputation and professionalism to those in need of their services. As a result of these efforts, they have more than doubled their caregiving team and realized significant growth in their client base as well.

According to Holohan, “With MOST, there is a consistent message and look that we are sending out to clients. Everyone can hand out brochures, but setting yourself up as a resource will make people come to you regardless of what they need.”

Case Study #2 – SEO

With dedicated, ongoing search engine optimization services, corecubed clients are discovering measurable results in website traffic and conversions. Real life examples over the course of one year with corecubed include:

  • Client A:
    • Organic traffic increased 63.85%
    • Direct traffic increased 182.36%
    • Referral traffic increased 187.99%
    • Conversions increased 409.09%
    • Home page views increased 103.51%
    • Blog page views increased 19,950.00% (from 2 views to 401)
  • Client B:
    • Organic traffic increased 25.50%
    • Direct traffic increased 41.23%
    • Referral traffic increased 566.59%
    • Conversions increased by over 100%
    • Home page views increased 187.30%
    • Blog page views increased 27.67%

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