Looking for a quick way to safely build your email contact list?

There really is no magic bullet when it comes to safely building your email contact list. But before you sigh in utter disgust because of my possibly misleading title, there are ways to beef up your bare bones email contact database without sacrificing yourself to the spam gods and getting blacklisted. It’s all about how you market. Check out these tips, and you’ll be well on your way to growing a hearty, permission-based email database for your internet marketing.

  • Add a mailing list sign-up form on your website. Make sure it is in a prominent location, and on multiple pages.
  • Add a “do you want to join our email list?” question to your website inquiry form.
  • Gather business cards at functions and ask permission to add those people to your mailing list.
  • Ask for email addresses during inquiry calls or sales, asking permission to add them to your mailing list. Provide a helpful guideline for employees for requesting subscriptions during a call.
  • Offer an enticing promotion or free offering like an e-book or white paper and in return, request their email address so that they can be added to your mailing list for future information and promotions.
  • If you hold an online webinar, ask for email addresses during registration, letting them know you are requesting the address in order to add them to your mailing list.
  • Include a mailing list checkbox on your online order form at checkout and on online invoices.

Don’t forget to note the benefits of subscribing to your mailing list. Make it worth their while!

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