Get a LEG Up on the Competition with Our Simple Home Care Sales Acronym

Home Care Sales

It’s no secret that the home care industry is an incredibly competitive market, and with good reason: our aging population and the corresponding need for care providers ensures  company longevity and the potential to not only enjoy a successful business, but to know that your agency is having a direct impact on quality of life for older adults. But as … Read More

Don Your White Hat for Better Home Care SEO Results

Everyone knows that in the movies the bad guys wear black, and the good guys always wear white. The same is true in the world of search engine optimization (SEO). As such, SEO is often categorized as either white hat or black hat, and as you can guess, one is good and the other is both bad and harmful for … Read More

Home Care Marketing Pet Peeves We Can’t Stay Quiet About Any Longer

home care maketing

Imagine, for a moment, that you are your business, personified. Now take a look in the mirror. What do you see? More importantly, what does your target audience see? At corecubed, we pride ourselves on helping in-home care agencies define the personality of their businesses through branding, and then project that brand to their intended market, to essentially say, “This is … Read More

Top Home Care Marketing Trends in 2017

Home Care Marketing Trends

Digital marketing isn’t just a trend these days; it’s THE way to get your business out in front of your audience. It’s also the way that people find the goods and services they want or need. But there are plenty of trends within digital marketing that tend to ebb and flow as technology and consumer habits evolve. This year, we … Read More

Share the Love and Increase Leads with a Customer Love Campaign

Home Care Leads

Love is in the air, and there’s nothing home care agencies love more than clients. Your very services are based around that love and the desire to help people live their best lives. But there’s another way to show your love for both current and potential clients and referrals, and all it takes is a little marketing ingenuity. For way … Read More

Hands In for the Value of Home Care!

value of home care

Home care agencies are crucial to filling in the gaps and providing the much-needed care of our growing aging population. Learn more about how to maintain the value of home care in our latest blog post.