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How Live Free Home Health Care Makes the Most of MOST

MOST Home Care Marketing Program

About MOST

Founded by home care marketing expert Merrily Orsini, President/CEO of corecubed, MOST is a one-of-a-kind marketing program for home care agencies that dishes up proven, affordable, industry-specific marketing solutions that agencies need in order to connect with decision makers and grow their businesses.

About Live Free Home Health Care

Live Free Home Health Care is a New Hampshire home health care agency founded by Jason Harvey and his wife Jennifer in 2006. The Harveys’ mission is to provide holistic, professional, individualized home care that gives their clients and their clients’ loved ones peace of mind that they can remain safe and independent with dignity in their own home. Live Free Home Health Care joined the MOST program in 2009.

The Problem

When Live Free Home Health Care joined the MOST program in 2009, their business was about 70% Medicaid waiver clients, and Harvey wanted to grow the number of Live Free private pay clients. However, they did not have anyone on the team with a background in marketing or creative design. Live Free also lacked quality marketing materials and resources for potential clients and referral sources to help market their services in the northern and central New Hampshire area. Harvey, in particular, felt there was no way that his agency could compete on the same level as the franchise agencies in their area.

The Solution

The MOST program’s extensive library of award-winning educational marketing materials provided Live Free Home Health Care with the quality and quantity of marketing materials they needed to make an impact in their communities, but it was how they used the materials that made the biggest difference.

When Live Free started with the MOST program, they decided to take the suggested monthly themes and then utilize the full set of available materials for each chosen theme – postcards, press releases, PowerPoint presentations, and web resources, as well as a monthly e-newsletter.

PowerPoint Presentations

Live Free uses the PowerPoint presentations in two unique ways:

  • Staff training and CEUs
  • Speaking engagements

The speaking engagements they have been able to do in their community have opened many doors for the agency. To build their audience, they first leveraged their relationships with local senior centers to practice the MOST presentations, and as they did that, people at senior centers referred them out to the Rotary Club, senior communities, financial planners and different senior groups within the community that could benefit from the information Live Free was providing.

These speaking engagements helped Live Free maintain community connections and presented them as experts in the community. As a result of their speaking engagements, they have been able to partner with a local financial planner who brings experts from Live Free along to speak with him 2-3 times a month. Live Free has also been approached by an affluent senior living community that asked Live Free to become their preferred provider. According to Harvey, the more presentations they do, the more their name gets out and the more people seek them out.

Other MOST Materials

The Live Free Home Health Care team puts their other MOST materials to good use as well.

  • They have been very successful at getting three local papers to run their MOST press releases each month.
  • They bring along MOST resource sheets for handouts whenever they do presentations and speaking engagements.
  • They also host a radio show and base their radio program around the monthly theme they’re using.

According to Harvey, “The material is so high quality that it attracts people looking for high quality care, and it really helps reinforce marketing efforts across multiple channels.”

Between 2009 and 2013, through the MOST program materials, Live Free Home Health Care grew from around 15,000 hours to over 80,000 hours, and changed from about 30% private pay clients to 70% private pay clients.

Now that Live Free Home Health Care has a vast library of marketing materials from the MOST program, which they still use for marketing and client education every day, they currently focus mainly on MOST’s resources for their website and social media to help provide fresh content for their site and extend their reach online. Harvey notes that several callers have told him that they chose Live Free Home Health Care because the educational materials on their website showcased the agency’s expertise in aging care issues.

To view an interview with Jason Harvey about how the MOST program helped Live Free Home Health Care grow their business, click here.

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