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1 square, 2 square, 3 square, FOURSQUARE! Unlock the power of location marketing

Foursquare? Hopscotch? Playground games for those of us who grew up, ahem, before the millennial generation.  For those of us reminiscing about drawing those four boxes in chalk on the blacktop, get ready to redirect your synapses!  The power of location marketing via applications like Foursquare is driving social media marketing to new heights. How can you get in the game? 

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Game Changers: Finding Ways to Make New Rules

How does a small business compete when all the odds are stacked against them?  Larger companies with more purhasing power, more staff, and greater marketing budgets can present a huge obstacle when trying to get ahead.  Change the rules of the game to make yourself competetive!

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27 Aug 2010

Direct mail vs. email. Which has the better ROI? You may be surprised…

corecubed's MOST Program Administrator, Marissa Snook, examines the return on investment of direct mail marketing and email marketing.  Which method is right for your company?  Read below to learn what she found and how it applies to your business.

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25 Aug 2010
Marissa Snook
Managing Director
Home Care MarketingSocial MediaStrategy

Separating Your Business From the Field With Smart PR

Amy Chilla details how your business can use public relations to set your business apart from your competition and gain exposure in the marketplace.

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23 Aug 2010