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Business First Home Health Care Management Bulldog Reporter
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Business First

Home-care industry must address concerns as number of older Americans increases
Since Kentucky State Data Center director Ron Crouch started alerting Kentuckians about the effects of an aging society several decades ago, and how Kentucky is ahead of the curve as to what America will look like as its citizens age, not much has changed in how we are approaching this phenomena.
By: Merrily Orsini | February 2007

Home Health Care Management & Practice

Social Media: How Home Health Care Agencies Can Join the Chorus of Empowered Voices
One of the most common - and most costly - mistakes business owners are making today is to underestimate the power of social media or to think that it doesn't apply to their business. To purchase this article, visit http://hhc.sagepub.com/cgi/reprint/22/3/213
By: Merrily Orsini, MSSW | April 2010

Obtaining Referrals in the Face of Regulation
New home care legislation has made obtaining referrals more difficult. Home health agencies are no longer allowed to give gifts to physicians and medical groups to get that coveted recommendation. Smart agencies focus on strategies that emphasize quality of care, outstanding staff skill sets and professionalism. To purchase the article, visit http://hhc.sagepub.com/cgi/reprint/21/4/286
By: Merrily Orsini | June 2009

Caught Up in the Web:  Online Strategies for Marketing Your Home Health Agency
How can home health care agencies reach the growing number of people who are getting on board the Internet? Understanding the simple rules of good website development can be a good start. By building a site that is user-friendly, informative and easy to find, agencies stand a good chance of catching the eye of web-savvy prospective referral sources, families of or potential patients. To purchase this article, visit http://hhc.sagepub.com/cgi/reprint/21/3/220
By: Merrily Orsini | April 2009

Leveling the Field: How Freestanding Agencies Compete with Hospital-Based Home Health Agencies
Hospitals that offer home health services can be intimidating competitors for freestanding home health agencies, but they don't have all the advantages. Find out how independent agencies can combine a strategy of obtaining referrals, concentrating on a core competency, and getting the right messages out to the public to get an edge on hospital-based competitors. To purchase the article, visit http://hhc.sagepub.com/cgi/reprint/21/2/137
By: Merrily Orsini | February 2009

Bulldog Reporter

Bulldog Reporter's Daily Dog  Women: The New Superheroes of PR? Increase in Women Owners Signals Leadership Shift
Merrily Orsini discusses women's changing roles in the PR industry and how to be a successful agency owner.
By: Merrily Orsini | March 2008


AACG Louisville: Renaissance City of Glass
Look no further for a place that combines a warm, friendly atmosphere with one of the most progressive and cutting-edge contemporary glass experiences in the nation.
By: Merrily Orsini | July 2007

National Paralegal Reporter

Home Health Care: Legal Challenges and Responsibilities
As people seek ways to avoid institutionalized care, the increase in home health care and non-medical home services is quickly taking the place of other care options such as nursing homes.
By: Merrily Orsini | October/November 2005

Success in Home Care

Rev Up Your CEU For Continuous Marketing
Take your continuing education program to the next level and you'll not only garner 10% to 15% more referrals on average, you'll also bring in thousands of dollars in new revenue.
By: Merrily Orsini | March/April 2007

Branded! Use branding to cement images, gain referrals
In today's media and information saturated world, there's no substitute for instant name recognition. Referrals are won and lost in the few seconds it takes a potential client to determine their gut impression of your agency's services.
By: Merrily Orsini | August 2005


Private Duty Insider

How to Craft and Deliver Direct Mail that will Generate Referrals
To achieve a direct mail campaign that will yield inquiries and sales, include information that is helpful to either the potential client or referral source.  Matching wants and needs is crucial to your success with direct marketing.
By: Merrily Orsini | March 2007

Socialize with the Best: Using Social Media to Showcase Accreditations
As the need for home health care rises, so does the number of local home care agencies, and while at one time you may have been the only home care facility in your area, today you likely find yourself in competition with several other agencies. So how does one compete in such a crowded market? Showcasing your agency’s accreditations via social media marketing can help your business stand out in the crowd.
By: Merrily Orsini | Janurary 2011