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Marissa Snook - Managing Director

corecubed staff - Marissa Snook

Personal Goal: Making you look good

Specialties: Juggling 30 balls plus the kitchen sink with a smile; turning ordinary text into extraordinary text; listening intently and sussing out solutions.

Marissa Snook has been working in public relations and marketing for over fifteen years with a focus on in-home care marketing since 2005. She is a Managing Director at corecubed and the administrator of corecubed’s award winning MOST home care marketing program. When working for one of Washington State’s top public relation’s firms, she won the “Wind Beneath Our Wings” award.  Marissa is an expert at juggling multiple tasks simultaneously and thinking strategically. With her background in theater and directing for the stage, Marissa excels at getting into the mindset of a particular target audience and understanding the best ways to reach them.


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