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Jan Curnutte - Art Director

corecubed staff - Jan Curnutte

Personal motto: The glass is always full

Specialties: graphic design that rocks; turning design into a working product; never ending cheery delightfulness

Jan expands the client brand producing a wide variety of material adding graphic design to forms, processes, manuals, brochures, teaching aides, newsletters, and PowerPoint presentations. She is the desktop publishing specialist for corecubed, creating high-impact designs and custom presentations. Jan's eye for appealing and attention-grabbing design is evident in the results clients report from her brand expansion on all of their internal business material as well as any customer touch that could have design as a component.

Jan has extensive experience in advertising, event management and corporate communications. Additionally, Jan is a multi-media expert with a knack for blending creative design with technology to create powerful and customized presentations.

Jan's strengths are in her versatility and ability to take a design concept and expand it into a variety of communication channels: newsletters, PowerPoints, brochures, manuals, and product sheets.


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